Biting into apples can be one of the causes of tooth loss

It is natural for people to deal with issues affecting their teeth as they grow older. While some causes of tooth loss happen over the course of time, other causes may be due to preventable damages or accidents. In more severe cases, a lack of dental hygiene can lead to significant tooth loss.

Healthy smiles are our passion at Star Dental Group Riverside, and if you or someone you know is dealing with tooth loss, we’d like to help find the bigger issue at play. As a top dentist in Riverside, we provide full dental examinations and a comprehensive list of treatments to help prevent the medical ailments that can come from missing teeth.

Below, we will list the most common causes of tooth loss as well as the best solutions for treating your smile if the tooth loss has already occurred.

Cause #1: Cavities

Almost everyone has experienced at least one cavity in their life. In fact, according to a study shown on The Today Show, 91% of American adults between the ages of 21 and 64 have had at least one cavity. Cavities are not a big deal if they can be treated right away, but the longer it goes untreated, the more serious it can be.

Untreated cavities can contribute to tooth loss due to the buildup of decay and infection. By brushing your teeth often, and choosing to eat healthier foods, your likelihood of getting a cavity will go down.

Cause #2: Physical Trauma

Sometimes we suffer injuries too close to the mouth. From contact sports to a bad accident, the teeth can get knocked out or broken beyond repair. When accidents happen, several treatments are available to help get rid of the trauma as quickly as possible. Seeing a dental implants specialist is recommended to replace the gap caused by your missing tooth. Dental implants will give you strong, natural-looking teeth that can help you enjoy normal every-day activities without feeling pain or irritation.

If you are not looking for implants, you can also invest in our crowns and bridges services. This is a good way to close a gap or to protect parts of a missing tooth while offering a chance to have a better aesthetic smile.

Cause #3: Gum Disease

Also called periodontal disease, gum disease is a leading cause of tooth decay and eventual loss. In fact, Delta Dental found that periodontal disease is the leading cause of missing teeth in adults, as it is the cause over 70% of the time.

Gum disease starts out as gingivitis, which is a treatable but still dangerous condition to have. If left without care, it will advance to full-on periodontal disease. This can leave you with a lifetime of pain and discomfort. Gum treatment looks different for each patient, but it may be a necessary step in treating your smile in order to prevent periodontal disease.

Cause #4: Common Risk Factors

Are you a heavy smoker? Do you suffer from arthritis? Have you ever had hypertension? All of these can increase your risk of tooth decay and loss. Aside from gum disease, other diseases such as diabetes and poor health decisions such as smoking and bad nutrition can lead to eventual loss. It’s important to speak with your dentist about the best and easiest solutions for you.

Prevent Missing Teeth Today!

There are many measures you can take to prevent your teeth from falling out of your mouth. If you are already experiencing loss due to decay, cavities, gum disease, or another reason, rest assured that our Star Dental Riverside professionals offer plenty of treatment options for you.

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