concept of how to restore teeth after extraction

Tooth extractions are typically reserved as a last-resort treatment if a filling or root canal procedure isn’t possible. If you are going to undergo an extraction in the near future, you might want to figure out what your options are afterward. It might be dangerous to leave a gap in your teeth without filling it in with dentures, implants, bridges, or other available treatments. Let’s see how to restore teeth after an extraction.

How to Restore Teeth After Extraction

Patients wanting to know how to restore teeth after extraction will want to visit their trusted cosmetic dentist in Inland Empire for quick treatment. There are several options for restoring your mouth to good dental health after you have an extraction. Keep reading to find out more.

After Extraction: What to Do

Tooth extraction is a major procedure that can require surgery. It doesn’t matter if you have anesthesia, this is a major procedure that can cause serious damage to your mouth and may take some time for it to heal. Your mouth may take as long as 10 weeks to heal depending on how severe the extraction was. You should not have implants until your mouth is fully healed.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Some patients can receive implants the same day their teeth are removed. You may be able to invest sooner if your mouth is healthy and free from infection.

Tooth Replacement Options

There are several methods of tooth restoration options that patients can choose from after having a tooth extracted. Some of the most popular solutions we have listed below:

Temporary Flippers

Your dentist may install flippers as a temporary solution to replace any missing teeth. These temporary implants are similar to dentures and can be used to help you eat, talk, and breathe easier while you wait for permanent ones. Flippers will not replace your missing teeth and they are not permanent. However, flippers can be helpful in the healing process to help you get back some function.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can have a significantly positive impact on your oral health, as they give your mouth a second lease on life. They are one of the most sought-after and popular restorative dentistry procedures in the world.

Dental implants offer several benefits:

  • Implants provide permanent stability and stay permanently attached to your jaw bone.
  • Jawbone resorption protection
  • Protection against infection and exposure
  • You can eat, drink and smile as you please without worrying
  • No replacements are necessary
  • There is no risk that the implants will slip, break, or fall out.

Dental implants have a success rate of more than 95% and are very popular with dental patients of all ages. Without them, your oral health could be at risk with a missing gap in your tooth. You should consult your dentist if you’ve recently had a tooth removed.


As another popular option, dentures can replace your missing and gapped teeth without the need for surgery. We can fit dentures to your mouth and adhered to your gums using dental glue. Many older folks prefer dentures as you can remove them and clean them at night for ease of use. You can get partial or full dentures depending on the nature of your oral health.

Find the Best Restoration Options Today

Whether you are looking for infection-related tooth extraction or you are seeking wisdom teeth removal in Riverside, Star Dental Riverside is equipped to take care of your oral health needs. Get in touch with us today to find out what options are possible for you after getting a tooth extraction. It’s important to seek dental help as soon as you notice signs of infection or decay, as the problem could get worse over time.