Signs your dentures need repairs

Dentures are one of the most popular restorative dentistry treatments in the world. These removable teeth allow you to restore full functionality to your mouth. So you can eat, chew, smile, swallow, breathe, and laugh naturally. There exist currently more than 20 million Americans who have dentures. But fewer people know how to properly take care of them to ensure they last a long time. So here are the signs your dentures need repairs.

Signs Your Dentures Need Repairs

Eventually, your dentures will need repair. Whether they were damaged on accident or have worn down over time, you can visit your dentist in Riverside to get them restored. Below, you’ll find the biggest signs your dentures need repairs ASAP.

Chips and Cracks in the Dentures

Just like natural teeth, your dentures can break and crack. Your dentures are just as susceptible to damage as well. So any slip or fall could land your false teeth in a world of hurt. If you are starting to notice some cracks or chips in your dentures, reach out to your dentist. Jagged cracks could cut your upper lip and worsen over time, leading to more expensive repair needs.

Change in the Fit of Your Dentures

Have your dentures stopped fitting well? It should feel like a smooth suction on the top of your gums and less suction on your bottom gums. If they don’t feel like they fit correctly or are moving around too much in the mouth and causing discomfort, they may have been bent. Don’t to force them back into shape. Instead, get ahold of your professional restorative dentistry expert to get them fixed.

Trouble with Speech

Although slurred words and speech problems are a common side effect of dentures when they’re new, over time you should be able to adjust. Eventually, you’ll be able to speak normally after you get used to the shape and feel of the dentures in your mouth.

But if you continue to experience the inability to speak after months of trying, or if your speech problems come back after a while, it is possible that your dentures are broken. A restorative dentist can reline or reshape your dentures to better fit your mouth.

Gum Sores

Some patients with ill-fitting dentures develop sores in their mouth, especially on the gums. Gum soreness can be expected in the first few days of having dentures, but continued sores and bleeding from the gums is abnormal. This is an indication that your dentures have not been shaped or lined properly, and will continue to damage your gums as they push against your mouth. You may also get canker sores around the mouth due to broken dentures.

Odors and Stains

Do your dentures always smell bad even when you clean them? Do they look like they’ve been stained or darkened somehow? You should bring your dentures in for an inspection right away. Whether by the fault of the manufacturer or dental lab, your dentures were not made right and need some fixing up.

Structural problems can also lead to staining. Your dentures may get discolored due to certain food and drinks that linger on the teeth, even after you thoroughly clean your dentures. You may also experience an odor coming from your dentures if something has stained through the material. However, this is not normal. Your dentist can schedule a repair or replacement so you can enjoy a proper set of dentures.

Protect Your Dentures!

You can take your dentures out and clean them, but for the most part, they should be treated like they are your real teeth. They are just as fragile as real teeth and can break just as easily. It is also possible to stain them or knock them out of alignment. No matter what the issue is, you will know if your dentures aren’t fitting right. You deserve to have a well-adjusted pair of dentures that sit easily and comfortably in your mouth, bringing ease to your everyday activities.

Reach out to our Star Dental Group professionals today and get dentures in Riverside to protect your health for years to come. We look forward to seeing your smile!