How to Avoid a Cracked Tooth

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Although your teeth are designed to last, they can still be damaged by some things. Injuries, infections, and general wear can all cause damage to your teeth. A dental problem that causes severe or sudden pain could be something you didn’t know about. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do after sustaining an injury. Our guide looks at how to avoid a cracked tooth.

How to Avoid a Cracked Tooth

If you feel a crack in your teeth, it is important to seek professional dental treatment immediately. A crack in your tooth, no matter how minor or large, should be treated immediately to ensure good dental health. Below, your dentist in Riverside will show you how to avoid a cracked tooth and seek professional treatment ASAP.

Common Causes of Cracked Teeth

It’s not unusual to have a chip or crack in your tooth depending on how you live. Because they are the ones that chew all your food, the molars are most likely to get cracked. The top of your teeth may have broken because you might have bitten down on something hard.

Your teeth may become more worn over time. The enamel, which is the outermost layer of teeth, can be damaged by excessive grinding or strain. This protective layer opens up more sensitive areas of your teeth, making them more vulnerable to cracks. It is possible to not immediately notice a crack, but it does not always cause pain.

How to Avoid Cracked Teeth and Stay Healthy

There are many corrective steps your dentist can take if you suspect that you have cracked a tooth. However, it may be difficult to pinpoint the root cause of the pain and may require multiple visits to a specialist dentist to treat the problem. Prevention is always the best option.

Keep Your Enamel Strong

There are many things that can cause enamel to become weaker. Over time, enamel can be affected by acidic beverages and sugary foods like soda. Tooth grinding, a habit that can cause enamel to be significantly weakened, is another example. To help your dentist identify potential problems, it is important that you inform them about any of these behaviors.

Talk to Your Dentist ASAP

As with many other physical conditions, early intervention is key to ensuring the best possible treatment. It is crucial that you inform your dentist about any concerns you may have regarding your teeth. He will be able to discuss possible treatment options. There are many treatment options available that could save your tooth if caught early.

Chew Really Well

Surprised to learn that your mouth can exert as much as 200 pounds of pressure every time you bite down? It’s not surprising that people end up with cracked or other problems when they bite down that hard. Avoid causing any damage to your teeth by chewing carefully every time you eat. Avoid chewing on non-food items like pencils and pens.

Professional Treatments for Cracked Teeth

Your dentist might recommend different treatment depending on the extent and location of the crack. Dental bonding and cosmetic dentistry can easily repair cracks that are not too deep. To prevent further decay, a root canal may be necessary if the crack extends further.

Tooth extraction is the best option for a cracked tooth. If the tooth ends up severely cracked beyond repair, this proves a must-have procedure. The extraction will prevent any future problems from being caused by the cracked tooth. You should let your dentist know if the crack is in your molars or your front teeth. There may be other treatment options.

Get Emergency Dental Care ASAP

No matter how small, a cracked tooth can be a serious problem. Although you might not feel a crack immediately, discomfort and pain may be a sign that something is wrong. You should see your local emergency dentist right away if you have a chip or a crack in your tooth. At Star Dental Group, we offer same-day dental appointments in Riverside.

Call our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists. Are you dealing with a cracked tooth due to a sudden injury or infection? Don’t wait until it’s too late!