Why Do Gums Bleed?

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It is our natural response to assume that if something bleeds, then there is something wrong. Since childhood, we have been conditioned this way. Why do gums bleed? Should you be worried? Believe it or not, it is a very common occurrence to have your gums bleed. This blog is meant to give you some insight, so you are not taken by surprise the next time your gums begin to bleed. If you need a dental cleaning or gum treatment in Riverside, contact the experts at Star Dental Group Riverside today!

Why Do Gums Bleed?

Whether you are at home or the dentist’s office, bleeding gums are an indicator of an underlying problem. Although there may not be pain, the fact that your gums are bleeding means something is not right. There are visceral reasons your gums could be bleeding, such as trauma to the mouth. Maybe you were playing soccer and got kicked in the mouth, or you were riding your bike and fell off hitting your mouth on the handlebars. If you sustained some type of injury to your mouth, then it is not uncommon for your gums to bleed. Although you may want to get it checked out by a doctor depending on the severity of the situation, this will usually heal on its own.

Why do gums bleed if there is no trauma? Another reason that your gums may bleed is due to inflammation, normally caused by your toothbrush is too hard or your brushing too vigorous. In this instance, get a softer toothbrush, and ease back on how you brush. The reason that your gums are bleeding that causes the most concern is due to improper dental hygiene. If you are not brushing your teeth and flossing regularly, you can be susceptible to periodontal disease. If not properly addressed, this could lead to the loss of your teeth. Be sure to give your teeth as much care as possible to keep them healthy.

How Common are Bleeding Gums?

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, 75% of Americans suffer from gum diseases. One of the most common symptoms of gum disease is the bleeding of the gums. It is important to pay close attention to this symptom and seek professional help if this happens. Star Dental Group Riverside can help you with any dental questions you may have, and help you reverse the effects of gum disease.

How to Stop Your Gums from Bleeding

If you notice your gums bleeding, even infrequently, here are some ways to stop the bleeding immediately:

  • Wash your mouth with salt water – This will help reduce bacteria in your mouth that can cause infection. It will also decrease recovery time. Use warm water, and add a half of teaspoon of salt. Swish the rinse around the bleeding area, and then spit it out.
  • Use gauze – Just like you would bandage any other area of your body that is bleeding, you can use gauze in your mouth as well. This will help apply pressure to the bleeding area to help it slow down, and eventually stop.
  • Use an ice pack – This method will help reduce any swelling or pain that may be attributed to the bleeding gums.
    If your gums bleeding becomes a chronic problem, then some permanent changes need to be made. Try these changes to stop chronic bleeding:
  • Brush and floss more frequently – A common reason that gums bleed is due to improper dental hygiene. By giving more time and attention to properly caring for your teeth, you can fix the problem.
  • Help your immune system – Studies have shown that a weakened immune system can lead to bleeding gums. Certain vices, like smoking, can be causing your gums to bleed due to it weakening the immune system. Even stress can have a negative effect on your immune system. Stopping these habits, and increasing your daily intake of vitamin C, can help combat this problem.
  • Is your toothbrush right – Make sure that you are using the proper toothbrush. Firm and medium toothbrushes are almost always too rough for teeth. Stick with soft and extra soft firmness when picking your toothbrush
  • Improve diet – Your diet can have a huge impact on your teeth. Cut out as much processed and sugary foods to help your teeth, and your body as a whole. It is suggested the drinking green tea daily can help with periodontal disease as well.

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