Why Are People Scared of Root Canals?

Person who is at dentist and scared of root canals.

Root canal treatment can be an essential endodontics procedure if you suffer from tooth decay or other bacterial infections. But that doesn’t mean people don’t still fear them. They might be good for your dental health, but why are people scared of root canals even after learning about their health benefits?

Why Are People Scared of Root Canals?

The procedure is painless and produces very positive results, and a root canal specialist can help you through the process. That is what our cosmetic dentists in the Inland Empire are here to do today – we want to give you a guide on what exactly you can expect during root canal treatment. This can help you understand why people fear this treatment as well as the benefits that you can expect after a successful dental visit.

About the Procedure

Root canals are often feared by patients of all ages, but they are actually one of the most common and useful dental treatments of all time. In fact, root canals have some of the highest success rates compared to other emergency dental treatments. By the time the root canal is over, you will have greatly improved your oral health.

Root canals may not look like much fun, but your trustworthy dentist will make sure that you are comfortable and safe throughout the entire root canal process. Using a numbing agent or an optional sedative, toy will be sedated so you don’t feel pain or discomfort while the treatment is going on. All in all, a root canal is a great alternative to total extraction. Find the answers to some of the biggest concerns to ease your fears about this awesome procedure!

Root Canals: What to Expect

You can always reach out to your experts at Star Dental Riverside to learn more about root canals. You can take a glimpse at what the procedure has to offer here:

Do Not Expect Pain

Contrary to popular belief about root canals, you will not feel any pain while the procedure is taking place. For most patients, it feels the same as getting a cavity filling. If there is any pain after the procedure, a medicine can be prescribed to ease the pain until it subsides.

Try Not to Chew

Try your best to not chew on the treated area for a few days until the treatment process has set in. Until the permanent filling is placed, try not to chew anything hard or textured. You may also want to very lightly brush the area, but not give it a full brush like the rest of your mouth. You should try to use an antiseptic mouth wash until the area is healed enough to be brushed again.

After the Procedure

For a few days, you may feel some sensitivity in your teeth. This is because the endodontics expert has scooped out part of the tooth that has been reduced to a pulp due to infection. Are you dealing with excessive pain? Your doctor or dentist can prescribe pain relief medicine to make your recovery period an easy process.

Invest in a Root Canal Treatment with Us Today!

At Star Dental Group Riverside, we can help teach you more about what to expect during root canal treatment. This is a scary procedure for a lot of folks. But we will work with you to ease your fears before committing to the treatment. If you have any further questions or concerns, give our Inland Empire root canal specialists a call today. We can help you create a custom care plan for your continued oral health needs. Don’t wait until you need an extraction; a root canal can be the one procedure to save your infected tooth!